Đề thi học kì 2 môn tiếng Anh lớp 8 có đáp án mới nhất 2023

Đề thi học kì 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 8 thế nào? Cùng tham khảo bài viết dưới đây của Luật Minh Khuê nhé.

Mời những em cùng tham khảo một số đề thi học kì 2 môn Tiếng anh lớp 8

1. Đề 1

I. Choose the word whole underline part is pronounced differently from that of the others

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1. A. seat

B. great

C. seaside

D. beach

2. A. sights

B. flights

C. villages

D. tribes

II. Choose the word whose main stress pattern is placed differently from the other

3. A. pagoda

B. collection

C. appointment

D. waterfall

4. A. document

B. calendar

C. vacation

D. resident

III. Choose the best option to complete each of these sentences

1. You should cool the burn immediately so as to…. tissue damage

A. care

B. relieve

C. minimize

D. maximize

2. Milk bottles can be… after being cleaned

A. recycled

B. thrown away

C. broken

D. reused

3. I can see a boy …. a water buffalo

A. ride

B. riding

C. to ride

D. rode

4. The bag in Vietnam is 80.000d

A. Made

B. Make

C. makes

D. making

5. Compost is wonderful… It helps plants grow

A. fertilize

B. fertilizer

C. fertilizing

D. fertilization

6. She asked him ….. he liked eating raw fish

A. but

B. if

C. and

D. then

7. It’s…. to travel around Vietnam

A. interesting

b. interested

C. interestingly

D. interestingly

8. Would you mind…the door?

A. close

B. closing

C. closes

D. closed

IV. Complete the sentence with the correct from of the words in brackets

1. She was…. for days after the accident (CONSCIOUS)

2. The nurse is giving Lan some first- aid…. (INSTRUCT)

V. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets

1. Cheese…. from milk (make)

2. Would you mind if i… your phone (use)

VI. Complete the passage with the word in the box

Mountain/ popular/ sticks/ cave

Ha Long Bay og the Descending Dragon – is(1)… with both Vietnamese and international tourists. One of the attractions of Ha Long is the bay’s calm water with limestone(2)… The Bay’s water is clear during the spring and early summer. Here the visitors can find some of some of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful sites. Dau go (3)… is one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long. It was the cave in which General Tran Hung Dao hid wooden (4)… to beat the Mongols on Bach Dang river in 1288.

VII. Read the passage then answer the questions below

Dear Mom and Dad

Hello from Toronto! After two months of living here, I feel this place is like my house. Toronto is a big city, but it is very nice. I like to shop down in the Eaton center and I also like to shop in the Queen street store. I enjoy taking the subway to work. It is a bit crowded in the morning, but I don’t mind using the subway because it’s so convenient. The trip from my apartment to work takes only twenty minutes. Although I like Toronto, my apartment is not very nice. I hate living in this neighborhood. It is not very pleasant and there are no good restaurants. The worst thing is my neighbor.  I can’t stand him. He is always playing the stereo all night long.

1. How long has Mariam lived in Toronto?

2. Does she mind taking the subway to work?

3. How long does it take from her apartment to work?

4. Is she interested in big city life?

VIII. Put the words in their correct order to make the sentences

1. spoken/ is/ English/ many/ in/ countries

2. interesting / It/ is/ to/ Math./ learn

3. you/ mind/ would/ the door? opening

4. see/ a/ boy/ riding/ I/ can/ a/ water buffalo

IX. Rewrite the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first

1. May I turn off the television?

Would you…

2. “Please send an ambulance to Quang Trung school” Lan said to the nurse

Lan asked

3. He asked me “Do you see my new bike?”

He asked me

4. The girls are playing chess. The girls are Nga and Hoa

The girls

Đáp án

I/ 1. B, 2. C

II/ 1. D, 2. C


1. C

2. D

3. B

4. A

5. B

6. B

7. A

8. B

IV/ 1. unconscious

2. instruction

V/ 1. is made

2. used


1. mountain

2. popular

3. cave

4. sticks


1. yes it is

2. Ha Long is popular with both Vietnamese and international tourists

3. The Bay’s water is clear during the spring and early summer

4. Wooden sticks


1. English is spoken in many countries

2. It is interesting to learn Math

3. Would you mind opening the door?

4. I can see a boy riding a water buffalo


1. Would you mind if I turned off the television

2. Lan asked the nurse to send an ambulance to Quang Trung school?

3. He asked me if I saw his new bike

4. The girls playing chess are Nga and Hoa


2. Đề 2

I/ Choose the letter A, B, C, D the word that has the underlined part different from others.

1. A. benefit

B. explore

C. rescue

D. legend

2. A. official

B. cultural

C. collapse

D. cure

II/ Choose the letter A, B, C, D the word that has the different stress pattern from others

1. A. improve

B. invent

C. language

D. typhoon

2. A. volcanic

B. eruption

C. tsunami

D. kangaroo

III/ Choose the best answer A, B, C, D to complete the following sentences

1. Water pollution may result…. the dead of marine life

A. in

B. on

C. for

D. at

2. At this time tomorrow, Bing…. an examination

A. will have

B. is having

C. has had

D. will be having

3. If the storm… our areas, the damage will be huge

A. strike

B. strikes

C. is striking

D. stroke

4. My teacher… me to open my bag

A. said

B. said that

C. told

D. tell that

5. Robots save worker from… dangerous tasks

A. making

B. having

C. performing

D. carrying

6. Many people believe that robots have made workers jobless.. that is not necessarily true.

A. but

B. and

C. so

D. or

7. Rencent…. developments have made robots more user – friendly and intelligent

A. science

B. scientist

C. scientific

D. scientifically

8. Teenagers spend most of their time playing computer games…. they lost their interests in daily activities

A. moreover

B. so

C. however

D. as a result

9. Science and technology have…. life safe, secure and comfortable.

A. transformed

B. made

C. done

D. changed

10. What is the… language of France?

A. office

B. officially

C. official

D. offices

11. Science is used in all of the world for the…. of people

A. interest

B. need

C. profits

D. benefit

12. At the moment, my mother… in the kitchen

A. is cooking

B. cook

C. cooks

D. has cooked

13. We couldn’t organize a video conference… the network signal is weak

A. although

B. therefore

C. because

D. despite

14. This plant should… as soon as possible

A. is planted

B. plant

C. be planted

D. planting

15. Some examples … nonverbal communication is gestures, body language and facial expression.

A. in

B. of

C. with

D. for

IV/ Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow

Alexander Graham Bell is widely known as the inventor of the first telephone. He was born on March 3rd, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. When he was 23, Bell emigrated to Canada with his parents and the next year moved to the United States to teach deaf – mute children. With his colleague Thomas Watson, Bell worked very hard on the experimentation to invent devices such as the harmonic telegraph (used to send multiple messages over a single wire) and phonautograph (used to draw the shape of sound waves). The first telephone communication was said to have happened between Bell and Watson in 1876 while Bell was at one end of the line, and Waston worked on the telephone in another room. The first transmitted words Mr Watson came here.  I want to see you.

a. Decide if the statements are T or F

1. ……. Alexander Graham Bell in Scottish

2……. He spent all his life in Canada

3…… He worked with the deaf when he moved to the USA

4…. He wanted to create a device that can transmit human voice

5….. He was able to succeed right from the first experiment

6….. He worked on his inventions all by himself

b. Answer the questions

1. When was Alexander Graham Bell born?

2. Who did he move to Canada with

3. What is Bell’s “phonautograph” used to do?

4. When did the first communication over happen?

Đáp án:

I/ 1. B 2. A

II/ 1. C 2. D

































a. 1T 2F 3T 4T 5F 6F

b. 1. He was born on March 3rd, 1847

2. He moved to Canada with his parents

3. It is used to draw the shape of the sound waves

4. In 1876

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