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Cookie Run: Kingdom characters list and cookies guide

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when starting Cookie Run: Kingdom adventure, you will need to assemble a team of five characters (or cookie) to fight during the game. Cookie different papers and strengths. Ours Cookie Run: Kingdom The character list guide will help you create groups and choose your strongest cookies.

Cookies should be arranged in a group of five, with different cookies in the back, middle and front of the set. Defensive cookies are in the front while damaging cookies are usually in the middle and support cookies are in the back.

the old one and Legendary Cookies like Pure Vanilla, Hollyberry, and Sea Fairy Cookie are all super potent and a cut above the rest, but can be difficult to obtain due to the gacha feature in the game.


12 best cookies to update and invest
  • macaroons
  • Black Grape Biscuit
  • Dark Chocolate Biscuit
  • cocoa biscuit
  • Cotton Biscuit
  • herb biscuit
  • milk cookies
  • parfait biscuits
  • Raspberry Biscuit
  • Shark Biscuit Ice Cream
  • strawberry shortcake
  • vampire cookie
All Run: Kingdom cookies

12 Great Cookies You Should Upgrade and Invest in

Ours Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies for Epic Investment, if applicable, guide details. We do not encourage you to spend your crystals or in-game money, but if you do have any of these cookies, please consider using them. The game distributes Crystals so often that you’ll accumulate massive amounts of epic cookies to use as you play.

The list below isn’t definitive as there are many strong cookies to use, but these are some of our favourites.


detective macaroons this is a support, support the cookie left in your back line. His ability blocks an enemy and deals damage to other enemies; this is great for dealing area of ​​effect (AOE) damage if you don’t have it.

Black Grape Biscuit

Black Raisin Cookie posing with her bird on her arm

Black Raisin is not coming to play.

Image: Developers

Scavenger Black Grape Biscuit this is a ambush the cookie that will be in the middle of your team. His ability allows him to disappear and deal massive AOE damage to enemies in front of him.

cocoa biscuit

delicious and hot cocoa biscuit this is a Defense to your cookie front line. He restores HP to his team and gives his team stun immunity while spinning in the cocoa mug, making it a valuable resource for PvP.

Cotton Biscuit

pleasant Cotton Biscuit it’s a background support, support Cookie that summons sheep that not only heals your party, but also stuns and deals AOE damage to enemies. It’s a great cookie to use as a healer on your team.

Dark Chocolate Biscuit

old prince Dark Chocolate Biscuit one of the strongest Charging currently open cookies Cookie Run: Kingdom, and he will be at your forefront. His ability deals AOE damage and also lowers the defense of enemies it damages, making it a great skill to use before using other damage skills.

herb biscuit

tasty herb biscuit this is a curator cookies to sit in your back row. Heals by a percentage of his ATK stat and continues to heal over time. His ability also removes all debuffs, which is useful for getting you out of tricky situations.

milk cookies

kind milk cookies this is a Spell the cookie that goes into the middle positions of your team. His ability deals splash damage in a wide circle, continuing to deal damage over time, and silencing enemies, making him a force to be reckoned with.

parfait biscuits

beautiful pink parfait biscuits this is a support, support cookies to sit in your back row. His ability heals over time, increasing the party’s DEF and giving everyone some resistance to debuffs.

Raspberry Biscuit

elegant Raspberry Biscuits this is a Charging The cookie that will take your team to the forefront. His ability targets the enemy with the highest ATK and deals a lot of damage, plus adds an ATK reduction debuff. He can help get the big bad guys out of the way quickly.

Shark Biscuit Ice Cream

sparkling wine Shark Biscuit Ice Cream this is a ambush The cookie left in the middle of your party. His ability deals AOE damage and deals bonus damage to enemies with more health. The skill deals true damage, ignores DEF and damage resistance if the enemy is a cookie, making Sorbet Shark Cookie a fearsome opponent in PvP.

strawberry shortcake

Strawberry Pancake Cookie posing with crepe arms

Does this look like the face of mercy?

Image: Developers

tasty strawberry shortcake this is a Defense The cookie that will save you on your front lines. They deal massive AOE damage and provide cookies with the lowest max HP in their damage resistant group. You’ll see them a lot in PvP and Sorbet Shark Cookie.

vampire cookie

Mysterious vampire cookie this is a ambush cookies to ride on your back. His ability deals massive damage to the furthest enemy and restores their health. If you’re having trouble with boss fights, Vampire Cookie’s massive damage is a great way to fix your problem.

Cookie Run: List of Kingdom characters

How many Cookie Run: Kingdom Are there any characters? Below is a list of all available cookies. Cookie Run: Kingdom.

Cookie Run: Kingdom — Complete list of cookies

Infrequency Biscuit Medicine Location
Infrequency Biscuit Medicine Location
the old one Pure Vanilla Biscuits Treatment back
the old one blueberry cake Defense Front
the old one dark cocoa cookies Charging Front
Ordinary Ginger Charging Front
Ordinary Muscle Crusher Charging Front
Ordinary strawberry biscuit Defense Front
Ordinary Helper Cookie Spell Quite a few
Ordinary beetroot biscuit afar back
Ordinary ninja cookie ambush back
Ordinary angel cookie Treatment back
Epic werewolf cookie Charging Front
Epic Dark Chocolate Biscuit Charging Front
Epic Purple Yam Biscuit Charging Front
Epic kumiho cookie Charging Front
Epic Red Velvet Cookie Charging Front
Epic Raspberry Biscuits Charging Front
Epic Biscuits with Mala Sauce Charging Front
Epic milk biscuits Defense Front
Epic Madeleine Biscuits Defense Front
Epic strawberry shortcake Defense Front
Epic Moon Bunny Cookie Defense Front
Epic Snow Sugar Cookies Spell Quite a few
Epic espresso cookie Spell Quite a few
Epic Licorice Biscuit Spell Quite a few
Epic milk cookies Spell Quite a few
Epic mango biscuit Spell Quite a few
Epic squid ink cookies Spell Quite a few
Epic rye cookies afar back
Epic Tiger Lily Biscuit afar back
Epic toffee cookies afar back
Epic Twizzly Gummy Biscuits afar back
Epic pepper biscuits ambush Quite a few
Epic vampire cookie ambush back
Epic Black Grape Biscuit ambush Quite a few
Epic Shark Biscuit Ice Cream ambush Quite a few
Epic poisonous mushroom bomber Quite a few
Epic Choco Mint Biscuits support, support back
Epic Pomegranate Biscuit support, support back
Epic macaroons support, support back
Epic cream biscuits support, support back
Epic fig biscuits support, support Quite a few
Epic lilac biscuit support, support Quite a few
Epic parfait biscuits support, support back
Epic herb biscuit Treatment back
Epic frothy biscuit Treatment back
Epic Pumpkin Biscuits Spell Quite a few
Epic Cotton Biscuit support, support back
Epic cocoa biscuit Defense Front
Epic pastry cookie support, support Quite a few
Epic Tea Knight Biscuits Charging Front
Epic smothered biscuit bomber Quite a few
Epic Caramel Arrow Biscuit afar Front
Epic Cherry Blossom ambush back
Legendary Sea Fairy Biscuit bomber Quite a few
Legendary ice queen cookies Spell Quite a few
Crude princess cookie Charging Front
Crude avocado biscuit Defense Front
Crude Knight Biscuit Defense Front
Crude cranberry biscuit Spell back
Crude devil’s cookie Spell Quite a few
Crude adventure cookies ambush Quite a few
Crude waffle cookie ambush back
Crude Cherry Shortbread bomber back
Crude alchemist cookie bomber Quite a few
Crude gummy cookies bomber back
Crude carrot biscuit support, support Quite a few
Crude clover cookie support, support back
Crude onion biscuits support, support Quite a few
Crude Creamy Biscuits III Treatment back
Special sonic cookie ambush back
Special Tail Biscuit ambush back

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